Learning Outcomes 

Learning Outcomes and Assessments
We are going to focus on Health and Physical Education. The learners will be a class of second graders. The class will consist of twenty 7 to 8 year old's, from different back-grounds. The New Zealand core standard will be a combination of achievement objective Level 1, A2 Regular physical activity and Level 1 C- Relationships with other people. The student ISTE standard that corresponds to this would be, 1.7C (Global Collaborator) students contribute constructively to teams working towards a common goal.
1. Have students participate in five different groups of four and have them demonstrate how to throw and catch Frisbee. 
2. In those same groups explore relationships with peers in your group. Get to know the other person in your group by asking one personal question, and share what they learned.
3. Have students watch the recorded footage of their activities in the groups.  
4. After watching video, have students create and collaborate making their own frisbee video. Have each group share and receive feedback from peers and teacher on how enjoyable the creativity and videos of others were.